Issues & Answers has successfully executed projects in dozens of countries and we continue to expand our reach. From the major European markets (including all of the UK) to Asian territories, the Middle East and all of the Americas – we have professional partnerships likely anywhere you or your clients need to execute research studies.

Global Research

Project Management:

Some find the idea of international, or global, research as daunting. Our Account Executives are used to multi-market research projects and thrive off of to-do lists. Typically we manage a variety of providers from recruiters, to translators, to moderators. I&A has been implementing cross-continent projects for more than 15 years. While there might be more pieces to the actual puzzle, your I&A project lead will handle all of the details from start to finish; giving you ONE point of contact, not 10.

Country Nuances:

Executing research in more than 100 countries means we’ve learned a thing or two along the way – one of which is cultural differences between regions and nationalities. We take this historical knowledge into consideration when developing aspects such as incentive payments, length of interviews or even methodology. In addition to our core service offerings, due to the lower technology penetration in non-Western markets, we also tend to perform more analog site-intercepts or door-to-door studies outside the U.S.


While auto-translaters are convenient, when it comes to non-English materials I&A relies on human transcriptions versus computer generated translations. This ensures a high-quality playback and includes any local dialect or "slang" terminology to not interrupt or confuse participants from their everyday language habits. Same is true for our transcription service. While automation might speed things up, the quality of interpretation from a human translator is much more valuable.


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Issues & Answers is your full-service marketing research firm located in Coastal Virginia.

With more than 30 years of expertise in all facets of research design (from exploratory, descriptive to causal), our in-house research teams led by skilled Account Executives develop and deliver quality data and analysis for clients worldwide. Our custom approach to your research needs and business objectives means we don't deploy the same study twice...unless of course it's a tracker study. Our data is clean and reliable - providing our clients with actionable information since 1988.