Face-to-Face Interviewing

There is no direct substitution for watching, listening and observing your target audience in a controlled and research-driven atmosphere. I&A creates succinct yet effective screeners and protocols when it comes to recruiting. In addition, our engaging moderators make the session more of a conversation than an interview which combined keeps our clients interested from the beginning.



All of our moderators have gone through some form of professional training. Be it through the RIVA institute, prior experience or certification courses – our moderators know how to engage respondents and keep the conversation flowing…we’re proud of that.


Asking the right questions is only half of the moderator's job, the other half is synthesizing feedback and prioritizing research findings that fit your project needs. I&A assists with focused recruiting efforts AND analysis for a full-service qualitative experience.

Dedicated Team Members

Our Group Facility Director has decades of marketing research experience. She has filled the most difficult of recruits and she always puts her clients first. This type of work ethic has overflowed into our qualitative support staff. We find creative ways to accomplish objectives. 

Face-to-Face Capabilities

  • Analysis & Report Writing
  • In-Person Presentations
  • Teleconference Presentations
  • Dyads/Triads
  • Ethnography
  • Focus Groups
  • Individual In-Depth Interviews (IDI)
  • Mall & Central Location Testing
  • Recruitment
  • Respondent Management
  • Site Intercepts (Paper and CAPI)
  • Teleconference
  • Transcriptions
  • Video/Audio Recordings
  • Web-cam
  • Workshops & Idea Generation Sessions

About us

Issues & Answers is your full-service marketing research firm located in Coastal Virginia.

With more than 30 years of expertise in all facets of research design (from exploratory, descriptive to causal), our in-house research teams led by skilled Account Executives develop and deliver quality data and analysis for clients worldwide. Our custom approach to your research needs and business objectives means we don't deploy the same study twice...unless of course it's a tracker study. Our data is clean and reliable - providing our clients with actionable information since 1988.


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