Digital Solutions

Online studies are relevant for nearly all audience types. I&A has conducted web surveys, communities and video interviews with a variety of respondent types (from Gen Z to Baby Boomers) across a wide variety of subject matter ranging from facial cleansers to travel destinations. The benefit of an online approach is its virtually limitless geographic reach.

Web Surveys and Digital Methodologies

Web Nuances

Online studies have specific needs depending on the methodology, though they all need to be user-friendly. There are a variety of tools and programs that I&A has access to in order to be efficient with our question asking for your project objectives. Respondent engagement is crucial to successful web studies; we thoughtfully review each project before it launches to optimize and promote quality responses in the data collection.

Complex Patterns

Our survey platforms allow us to handle a substantive amount of logic in terms of question flow. Most surveys are non-linear; they allow for complex skip patterns based on respondent input. We can rotate and randomize question order, and display photos/videos with timing control to ensure viewership. Basically, your survey is 100% customizable.

Online Qualitative Solutions

Qualitative research isn't limited to in-person, face-to-face meetings these days. Instead, use of platforms like online communities, mobile ethnographies and even video interviewing are very common. I&A Account Executives have been at the forefront for all of these project executions and will assist in creating, optimizing, recruiting and moderating your digital qualitative needs.

Web Capabilities

  • Mobile engagement
  • Online communities/bulletin boards
  • Online surveys
  • Video interviewing

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