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From account management, to programming, administrators and a dedicated sales force; our staff has one goal in mind...PROJECT EXCELLENCE!

Account Executives

Our Account Executives (AEs) are master marketing researchers with both qualitative and quantitative experience. The AE will be your daily point of contact for every project aspect - think of them as your team lead, your customer service support person AND your data analyst.


Web or telephone, our impressive line up of programmers and clerical staff bring their A-game to each project. Our team can handle an immense amount of skip logic and branching, bringing to life the complicated study designs so that it's seamless for the respondent.

Need open-ends coded? Check. Need your data layout matched to a previous study? Check. Want to test before we go live? Of course!


From our HR department to finance, each member of I&A brings an invaluable level of professionalism and organization to their position. With tenure averaging 15+ years, it's safe to say we have a dedicated team supporting all facets of our research functions.

Sales Force

With more than 50 years of marketing research experience combined, each member of our dedicated sales team is able to discuss all the different research methodologies and help you craft the best approach to reach your objectives.

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About us

Issues & Answers is your full-service marketing research firm located in Coastal Virginia.

With more than 30 years of expertise in all facets of research design (from exploratory, descriptive to causal), our in-house research teams led by skilled Account Executives develop and deliver quality data and analysis for clients worldwide. Our custom approach to your research needs and business objectives means we don't deploy the same study twice...unless of course it's a tracker study. Our data is clean and reliable - providing our clients with actionable information since 1988.