Our Approach

We don't believe there is a "one size fits all" research design that works for our clients. We review each client request and RFP individually to assess the study needs to ensure a high quality data collection design, maximization of time with respondents and project value in terms of budget.

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The Art of The Screener

  • Whether we are targeting for a specific niche respondent or expanding to the general population, there is a core target within each of those groups that will be the most relevant to the research objectives.
  • Screeners should be short and to the point, yet still conceal the core topic of the study through its questioning. Being succinct helps us find the target respondent more quickly and keep them engaged for maximum participation.
  • We screen for ALL projects regardless of methodology.
  • When applicable, we use our in-house database and purchase lists as needed. In addition, we work with topic-specific recruiters to ensure the industry/category specifications can be met while keeping the overall project costs down.

Findings Brought to Life

  • Our skilled group of Account Executives not only manage the day-to-day project tasks, they are also strong report writers.
  • Since we work on both qualitative and quantitative projects on a daily basis, we look for connections in numbers AND we substantiate, when we can, direct quotes with evidence-based context.
  • In marketing research, reports and presentations tend to be one in the same; so we strive to make our reports engaging for them to live on after the reveal.
  • We believe in conversations during presentations, whether that happens in-person or through teleconference or even on camera. The best study results occur when all parties are openly discussing the findings and determining how to move forward as a team.

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About us

Issues & Answers is your full-service marketing research firm located in Coastal Virginia.

With more than 30 years of expertise in all facets of research design (from exploratory, descriptive to causal), our in-house research teams led by skilled Account Executives develop and deliver quality data and analysis for clients worldwide. Our custom approach to your research needs and business objectives means we don't deploy the same study twice...unless of course it's a tracker study. Our data is clean and reliable - providing our clients with actionable information since 1988.